Scott Akerley

Scott Akerley, CEO

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Scott has been involved in the escrow business for almost twenty years, and he knows the industry inside and out. After all, he’s held virtually every position in the field – he was promoted from messenger to receptionist to escrow officer, and ultimately became the president of multiple escrow companies.

So, Scott understands the escrow company from every angle. And, more importantly, he understands the value of establishing powerful relationships. Just ask his employees – especially his first assistant, who still works for him nineteen years later. Or ask the real estate agents who come to American Trust Escrow for ongoing training and support. Or Soroptimist International, who honored him with the Advancing the Status of Women Award.

Scott brings an astute eye and an experienced hand to American Trust Escrow. As the CEO of not only American Trust Escrow, but also Glen Oaks Escrow and CV Escrow, he’s a part of an established, far-reaching team that provides high-quality, flexible service for all of your escrow needs.