Using Geographic Based Applications to Connect With Your Clients

Using Geographic Based Applications to Connect With Your Clients

fsquareOver the last year, geographic based applications have been popping up like wild flowers.  Yelp is probably one the best known, which started out as a place to review restaurants and locate venues close to your physical location. To date, there are dozens of applications that have set out to accomplish the same thing, and Foursquare is one of the most popular.

If you’re not already on Foursquare,  you can download the application to your Android device or iPhone.  Here’s how it works: The GPS on your phone will track your location and pull up a list of all the business you are nearby. Once you check in, your location is then shared with the people you have chosen to connect with via the app. In addition to sharing your whereabouts, you have the ability to see your connections that are within close proximity to you, and also view deals that are available in the area.

Since it looks like these types of technologies are here to stay, real estate professionals across the country are now exploring ways to use them to increase their business and stay in touch with clients.  There are several ways this application can be used to accomplish this goal.

Place your office on the map: If your office isn’t already a location of Foursquare, add it. You can then check into your office, leave tips and connect with others who might be familiar with your office and real estate in general.

Connect with friends and clients: Similar to Facebook, Foursquare allows you to connect with people who are also using the application. Connecting via Foursquare is just one more avenue for building online relationships and potential business.

Gain Status: Foursquare awards Mayor status to the person checks in at a location most frequently. Gaining Mayorships not only opens doors for discounts and specials, but is also a great way to position yourself as the community expert in your area.