Ways To Attract More Buyers To Your Listing

Ways To Attract More Buyers To Your Listing

The seemingly changing news of financial news makes it challenging to know what to do as a seller in this market.  But if traffic through that attractive 4-bedroom has been less than stellar, don’t get cold feet and yank the property off the market.  Instead, look at these ways you might improve your home’s chances of finding just the right family:

1)     Make sure the price is right.  Review the listing with your agent – especially if your house has been on the market for a while.  Ensure you’re working from recent comps.  If your home hasn’t been appraised recently, you could be doing yourself (and your home) a huge injustice by pricing it out of the market.

2)     Review your home’s curb appeal.  Remember that potential buyers drive neighborhoods.  If your home is attractive on the outside, they’ll want to see what’s on the inside!  Cut back any overgrown shrubs and replace any flowers that might be out of season.

3)     Review your home’s interior appeal.  Put the knick-knacks away.  Store the second sofa.  Better yet, work with a professional staging company.  They can be especially helpful in those “problem” rooms that have just a little too much room or not quite enough natural light.

4)     Revisit your listing – and don’t be afraid to modify it.  Most buyers begin their research online.  Make sure the pictures show its best face, inside and out, so people want to see it in person.  If you’ve made any recent changes to its curb or interior appeal, make sure that’s reflected.

5)     Be willing to negotiate.  It’s a buyer’s market.  Accept it.  But make it work in your favor.    Because nothing drives buyers away faster than a seller who rejects an offer without at least considering it.  The ground between the two parties is oftentimes far smaller than it may look initially.  Consider the implications of rejecting it.

6)     Be willing to sweeten the pot.  If you’re downsizing or have already decided that you’ll be selling the family room sofa set or the backyard shed, consider throwing it in.  Closing costs always add up, so consider offering to help your buyer defray some of those fees as well.

In today’s housing market, you have to be one step ahead of the competition.  By following one (or several) of these suggestions, you’re ensuring your attractive 4-bedroom has its best chance of finding the nice family it’s been dreaming of!