Tips for Sellers

Tips for Sellers

The real estate market can be a challenging one these days, especially for sellers hoping to standout in a sea of available properties. Keep these tips in mind when listing your home and the process will be much more seamless!

1. Find a Pro: Selling your home is the time to enlist professional help. Selling a home is a complicated transaction, and a real estate professional can help you navigate any problems, accurately price your home, deal with contracts, and most of all, bring potential buyers to your doorstep.

2. Price Realistically: If you’re serious about selling your home, you’ll need to price it correctly from the start. So be realistic and take cues from your listing agent regarding price. Sure a big price tag seems appealing, but overpriced homes sit on the market and don’t sell.

3. Be Honest: Why are you selling your home? Full disclosure to your listing agent and potential buyers up front is the way to play.

4. Detach Emotions: When listing your home for sale, remove family photos and anything else that’s sentimental. Sellers won’t have the same emotional connection, and attaching yourself to your home will only make it harder to hand over the keys.

5. Set the Stage: It’s pretty critical to stage your home so buyers can see the full potential of each room. You’ll make concessions about your own style, but you need to create a neutral scheme that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

6. Stay Involved: While it would be easy to wash your hands of the sale and let your listing agent handle everything, you’ll be much more relaxed if you stay involved.

7. Scatter: When your listing agent arranges an open house, make yourself scarce. Your presence can make buyers uncomfortable, and that’s the last thing you want.

8. Plan to Move: Assume the best–your home will sell quickly and new buyers will be moved in shortly. That means you need to plan on moving, and you’ll want to have this sorted out well in advance of the sale closing.

9. Remain Flexible: Stay flexible on both your price and terms of the sale, and you’ll reap the rewards. Be firm with your bottom line, but know that you will need to leave room to negotiate.

10. Be Positive: Staying positive and upbeat will take you far in this process. Take the feedback you get seriously from both buyers and your agent, and stay focused on the task at hand…selling your home!