The Holidays are Here: Getting Your Home Ready for the Season

The Holidays are Here: Getting Your Home Ready for the Season

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week. At this time of year, it’s common to have people over when you’re hosting parties or even family who is coming to stay for a few days. Now is a great time to get your home holiday ready with just a few simple tips and ideas.

1. Add Hooks In Your Entryway: One of the easiest ways to make your home look more organized is to install coat hooks in your entryway. This will eliminate piling coats and purses on the staircase or on a bed when guests drop by for a holiday get together. It’s an easy and inexpensive project that really packs a punch.

2. Replace Old Bathroom Towels: While you don’t need to go out and purchase all new expensive towels, putting a few new hand towels in the bathrooms will go a long way. Alternatively, putting out a tray of festive paper napkins or towels is a fantastic holiday touch.

3. Clear Off the Bathroom Counters: While you’re getting your bathroom holiday ready, don’t forget to clear off the counters. The only things your guests need to see on your bathroom counters are the soap dispenser and something to dry their hands with, but adding a sparkly candle or small bowl of potpourri is great too.

4. Decorate with the Spirit of the Season: There are all sorts of holiday decor you can use to get your home holiday ready. Add twinkling lights up your banister, or fill a glass bowl with miniature pumpkins or scented pine cones to evoke a sense of the holidays.

5. Ready Your Guest Room: There’s a good chance you will have overnight guests during the holidays whether you were expecting them or not. So, make it a point to ready your guest room by leaving a small set of toiletries and a little set of instructions that describe where things are and how things work.