Trends To Boost Your Mobile Marketing

Trends To Boost Your Mobile Marketing

The structure in which you build your real estate marketing campaigns is rapidly changing.  One such form of marketing is taking place not so much in your office or home, but in the palm of your hand.  That’s right, your smartphone is beyond capable of helping you reach the audience that you deserve.

The 1 billion global smartphone users are setting their sights on a few different options for 2013:

 1. Mobile video – Real estate pros have quickly embraced the role that video plays in showcasing homes and communities, and they understand that video will lead the progression from the desktop browser to the mobile device.

2. Responsive Web design – The seamless flow of information from desktop to mobile and back will be highly expected in 2013, as 81 percent of users prefer mobile sites to apps for researching prices.

3. HTML5 app development – With the high resource cost for developing apps that run on specific platforms, expect a variety of powerful Web apps created with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript in 2013.

4. Mobile advertising – It is predicted that mobile advertising will rise 180% this year.  With Facebook, Twitter, and Google mobile ads already solidified, these channels provide Realtors the opportunity to leverage a mobile marketing strategy.

5. Mobile wallets – Mobile wallets are an emerging technology that allows you to purchase services and goods using specific applications installed in your smartphone, such as Apple’s Passbook or Google Wallet.  Digital coupons and other digital transaction applications will become more and more prevalent this year.