Develop a Technology Strategy When It Comes to Selling Real Estate

Develop a Technology Strategy When It Comes to Selling Real Estate

PrintMany real estate agents see the value in using technology for their businesses, but because of the wide range of options out there, it can easily become overwhelming. It’s important to develop a technology strategy so you’re not just dabbling in different areas but instead focusing your efforts.

Social media is all about creating relationships to help get your name out there, but you have to manage these relationships just like you would with friends or family in the flesh. Spread yourself too thin and you’re back to square one. Your objective in using social media and technology should be to generate more business while remaining organized and effective.

Using technology in the real estate world requires discipline and focus; you need to clearly outline your goals and how these kinds of technology can help you achieve them, and then stay on track. Consider joining a group that shares valuable tips and advice on how to build a social network, or use technology like apps to build your brand. And certainly use any kind of technology that can streamline transactional tasks to give you more time to interface with clients.

If you’re looking to build a referral network, start locally. Find the most successful referral-based agent in your office and pick their brain. Chances are, they use a mix of technology and traditional marketing methods to keep their brands top-of-mind with past and present clients. Inquire as to how many leads and sales they generate from online business, and ask them how much time and money they’ve invested into their campaign. This will give you a good high-level overview into how you might introduce technology into your own practices.

While technology won’t solve all of your problems as a real estate agent, it can certainly help you operate more efficiently. Remember: your goal is to sell homes, so see how technology fits with and complements your current strategy and make adjustments until you’re happy with the results.