Water Conservation Hits Home

Water Conservation Hits Home

iStock_000008883956SmallYou’ve heard about the drought for years. You’ve seen the “Water Wise” commercials on television and the electronic billboards on the freeway that read: “Drought. Save Water!” But, when the water companies start to fine you for inefficient or even wasteful water usage, that’s when the shoe really and truly drops. This is the tipping point, the watershed if you will, of the water crisis. It just got personal.

On the surface, it seems unlikely that one person’s daily habits could help the state of California deal with its water crisis. Yet, if each one of us takes personal responsibility to make a difference, it will add up to millions of gallons of water saved every month. With that said, here are some easy ways to get the ball rolling:


  1. This is a no brainer – turn the water OFF when brushing your teeth.
  2. Keep showers under five minutes. It can save 1,000 gallons per month!
  3. While waiting for water to get hot, collect the running water in a garden can and use it to water your plants.


  1. Run the washer/dishwasher only when full. It can save up to 1,000 gallons per month.
  2. Energy Star® dishwashers use less water than if you wash your dishes by hand.
  3. Give the garbage disposal a break and compost vegetable food waste instead. Fringe benefit: Great fertilizer for your garden!


  1. Mulch plants. It retains moisture so you water less.
  2. Collect runoff water from gutters and downspouts and use to irrigate your outdoor plants.
  3. Replace thirsty lawns with fake grass or hardscape.

Start your own water conservation program today by selecting three new habits from the aforementioned list. Not only will it add up to hundreds or even thousands of saved gallons, it will keep you out of hot water with your local water district.