Foundational Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

As technology and social platforms continue to grow and evolve, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet, when applied correctly, social media strategies can provide immense value to real estate agents, including the opportunity to share advice with current clients and open dialogue with prospects. 

In this post, we share some of our favorite tips for stepping up your social media game to attract clients and position yourself as the go-to resource. 

Know where your target market spends their time and be there. 

One common misconception is that you have to be on every social media platform for it to “work.” But why would you need to be active on a channel if the buyers and sellers you want to attract don’t spend time there? Unless you have an unlimited budget and time in your day, you’ll want to be smart about where you allocate your time. 

For example, it’s reported that 73% of Gen Z prefer that brands reach them through Instagram. On the other hand, 78% of Baby Boomers reportedly prefer interacting with the brands they like on Facebook. Dialing this in may take some trial and error, but a little testing and time will get you there. 

Educate your audience. 

It’s so easy to fall into the constant self-promotion trap – sales awards, current listings, etc. And while there’s a place for this in social media, it shouldn’t be the only thing you share. Instead, be a source of valuable information – overlooked mortgage programs, down payment advice, avoiding selling pitfalls, tips for house hunting when inventory is tight, and so on. 

Consumers want more than someone with a real estate license. They want someone they can trust, who is knowledgeable and will help them navigate through challenging scenarios. Be that person. There’s no shortage of ways to do this, so here are a few for inspiration: 

  • Post a poll in a local NextDoor or Facebook group asking if anyone has questions about current market conditions
  • Offer advice on discussion boards
  • Share answers to FAQs on Facebook 
  • Host a “Live” session on Instagram to answer questions in real-time 


Be authentically you. 

It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others, and while there’s no harm in getting inspired, trying to be someone you’re not on social media never works out well in the long run. So instead, let your personality shine through. Humans connect with humans, not brands or faux personalities. 

Homebuyers and sellers pick a real estate agent based on human connection. If you’re passionate about data, talk about data. If you’re an active participant in your community, share information about that. 

Focus on more than just the home. 

Typically home buyers are just as interested in the community as the home. So, include content beyond the number of bedrooms and square footage. Talk about the community. Share videos of your favorite local spots. Create a picture and tell the story around what makes {insert city name} such a special place to live! 

Don’t forget video. 

Home tours. Testimonials. Learning tools for first-time buyers. Community spotlights. These are just a few video ideas that can help take your social media marketing to the next level. If time or budget is an issue, consider sharing video content via Instagram Stories or Instagram Reels. These are quicker and lower-cost ways to get you, your value, and your expertise out there. 

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