Service Areas

serviceareasA Presence Wherever You Are

With the evolution of technology and a quality staff of professionals, it is no longer essential to visit a brick and mortar office in order to complete your escrow transaction. As such, we are able to offer you three levels of service, customized to meet your specific needs, regardless of where you are located.

  1. Office Locations: Our three offices and seven sister office locations located throughout the state of California provide you with a full suite of escrow services, along with in-person support throughout the escrow process.
  2. Signing Offices: American Trust Escrow signing offices provide you a venue to meet with a local representative who will assist you with support and expertise throughout the escrow process.  
  3. Mobile Notaries:  With a network of mobile notaries throughout California, we are able to facilitate the escrow process by traveling to a location that is most convenient for you. This allows you to complete the necessarily paperwork without having to travel to an actual office, while still receiving the quality service and attention we’ve provided to our clients throughout the years.

These specialized levels of service allow us to serve a larger region, while offering you the same level of professionalism, quality and prompt service that has been synonymous with our name for over a decade.