The Flip Video | Tech Tool For Realtors

The Flip Video | Tech Tool For Realtors

Every Tuesday, here at the American Trust Escrow blog, we post Technology Tips designed to help you, the REALTOR®, grow your business, keep up to date on the latest technologies, and move you forward into the new era of real estate.

To many Realtors, the concept of using video in their business is limited to the use of a virtual tour to market their listings.  But, the technology of today busts the door wide open for agents to incorporate video into their business like never before.  And, video is powerful stuff.  Take a look at this video by Mike Mueller discussing the merits of video for real estate. He recorded this as part of a contest on answering the question “What technology product or service has made the biggest impact on your business? And why?”. (see all the finalists submissions here)

It is so easy and very affordable to get started with video.  I carry around in my purse a Flip Video camera.  You can buy one on for $100-$200 (depending on features like duration of recording and color ).  I have this one:

My Flip Video is the size of a box of cigarettes, runs on two AA batteries, and is SIMPLE to use (you just push a red button to record, and the same button to stop the recording).  And, the video is all pre-compressed and ready to be uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing sites such as Viddler.  The camera comes with a USB connector built into it so you just pop the Flip Video into your computer and go!


The Flip Video can also be used to shoot video of a home or a neighborhood for a relocation client who can not be there to see the home or the surrounding area themselves. You can also use it to shoot video of a rental or a vacation home to help market the property. The opportunities are as wide as your imagination is for creative marketing!

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